À bientôt j'espère

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

O-Zone DiscO-Zone

This could make many of you terribly, terribly ill, especially since the band was somehow related to Happy Meals in Eastern Europe, but here in the US "Dragostea din tei" wasn't the HUGE hit it was elsewhere. The song is unbelievably infectious, pure contemporary pop, it is nostalgia without the comfort of the past...it is the art of the present! If you have a soft spot for hyper disposable techno grab it!

"Fiesta de la noche" – 4:02
"De ce plâng chitarele" – 4:10
"Dragostea din tei" – 3:33
"Printre nori" – 3:43
"Oriunde ai fi" – 4:27
"Numai tu" – 4:01
"Dar, unde eşti" – 4:02
"Despre tine" – 3:47
"Sărbătoarea nopţilor de vară" – 3:51
"Nu mă las de limba noastră..." – 3:50
"Crede-mă" – 4:46
"Ma Ya Hi" (Valentin Remix Radio Edit) – 3:34